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Agriculture plays an important role within any country and in the life of every family. Growing and processing of crops is an industry that feeds every Ukrainian, who sometimes forgets where vegetables, grains, beans come to the shelves of supermarkets from.

“Gelios-1” is an agro company with 18 years of experience in this same industry. People who work here are those who love what they do, who enjoy working with soil and land and growing crops that feed the population of Ukraine and beyond. We produce only high quality goods, for the internal and international markets, which we are very proud of.

Now, Gelios-1 operates more than 5000 hectares of fertile land, in Kherson region, with 75% of it under irrigation. We established our own production process from fields to the end client, which includes crop cultivation, processing such as cleaning, proper storage and transportation. This mechanism allows us to monitor product quality at each step of the way thus we strongly stand behind what we offer.

Modern cultivation techniques and equipment form the basis of our success as farmers and food growers. In addition, production is virtually waste-free as any by-products are used to make animal and bird feed.

Gelios-1 is a European agricultural company. We work hard like Ukrainians and conduct business like Europeans making trust, transparency and honesty our priorities. While Ukrainian buyers form the majority of our client base, within the last ten years we have begun exporting to European, North American and East Asian markets.

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