Our History

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Agro company “Gelios-1” was founded in 1999. The founder had a strong passion for farming in its simple sense – growing various crops and feeding the people of Kherson region in Ukraine. When he first began building his empire, he had no experience whatsoever in the agricultural industry. And by this moment, he’s been creating Gelios-1 step by step and one hectare at a time.

Starting a company, especially without any experience, is not an easy ordeal, which consists of many experiments with cultivation techniques and fertilization that end up being quite costly. Through trial and error, agronomists of Gelios-1 have determined an optimal combination that makes the company successful.
Presently, after several ups and downs Gelios-1 is a leader in the industry. The company produces and processes grains, legumes, oil-bearing crops and vegetables with one of the highest level of productivity per hectare in the country.

Beyond agriculture

Gelios-1 operates within the territory of the town of Kakhovka and three villages in Kherson region – Chernyanka, Razdolnoye and Arch Sloboda. In addition to 5000 hectares of fertile land, we own a large administrative office, vegetable and grain storage complexes and an egg production plant.

The CEO and founder of Gelios-1 funds projects that improve the villages’ infrastructure and medical centres. Another project that is dear to his heart is a construction of an Orthodox Church in Kakhovka, which is also funded by Gelios-1.

Since its formation in 1999, Gelios-1 is being led by only one owner who has not lost even a bit of drive to develop, improve and pleasantly surprise our clients in the agro industry. Every year, the CEO tries and tests new methods of crop cultivation in order to reach newer heights and to maintain Gelios-1 competitive edge and advantage.

Regardless of all the economical and political hardships that Ukraine is going through as well as volatile weather conditions, Gelios-1 flourishes and keeps satisfying increasing demands of its clients.

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